I’ve an album in the works, sure to be a huge hit among music-loving cave dwellers. Highlights include “Sweat Forming and Dripping On the Way Up Bear Den Mountain”, introspective and rather comforting in its grandiose reach. There’s “Invaluable Childhood Foolishness”, rich with the maddening bass-nectar of jumping from train trestles and getting blasted in the nuts while wrestling with friends. For good measure I’ve included “Late Night Pre-Vomitus¬†Gurgles”, because most of us can relate to such wanton excess, even if the lyrics are somewhat infantile. My favorite, and hopefully yours too, will be “Rib-Tickling the Void and Hearing the Universe’s Hearty Giggle” since it’s turning into everything I’d imagined it could be. I’ll tour the country playing dank basements underneath the stark light of a single, poorly hung bulb. We’ll dance and sing until falling into involuntary spasms or weeping wildly. We’ll hold nothing back. Tour dates TBA.