All real or imagined immediately in this moment,
today and forever whether you like it or not—
Breath by breath nonsensical, ephemeral reality!
This isn’t poetry, it’s real, incongruous, messy life.
I’ve surely had too much drink, too much everything.
Such fleeting, visceral, sloppy un-reality—
Sure to be gone in a few blinks…a sneeze-blast,
an epic bean-fueled bout of excessive flatulence.
Continuing mayhem whether you like it or not.
I do and I do not, so what? Wanna fight about it!?
I don’t want to fight. Life is too terribly short and we
all hurt, all tears salty, all blood red. Not worth
the pain, not worth anymore pain. Love those you
love with all you’ve got and consider carefully why…
why not the others? Are they any less worthy?
Tomorrow, Tuesday, will surely be today by then.

We all must face the minotaur in our own way.