Last night I dreamt of getting chewed up by a tiger. It was someone’s pet tiger who had escaped and was roaming around in a school going crazy. In my courageous dream-state I took it upon myself to try to get the beast under control. The tiger ended up pinning me and chewing up my arms, legs, and taking a chunk out of my side. I was repeatedly punching the tiger in the face while he was having his way with me, but I couldn’t get him off. Before I was totally ruined people showed up with tranquilizers and subdued the evil kitty.

In the following sequence I was at a get together with a bunch of friends and was covered in bandages. Fortunately I didn’t lose any appendages or digits, but I had all sorts of bite marks and chunks of flesh missing. I quite enjoyed telling people “I got chewed up by a tiger” when they asked, “What happened to you?!?” People are quite sympathetic to those who battle with wild beasts.