running down 2009, two weeks along

Running this past week went well. Actually, it was almost a complete repeat of the week before. The weather was especially cold early in the week and a couple of the runs started and ended in below zero temps. Later in the week temps climbed into the teens and low twenties, which nearly felt tropical. My legs are feeling good and most of the running has been smooth and comfortable. Thursday morning, however, I woke up feeling a bit off and was not wanting to run. Then I encountered a video that two friends were sharing in Facebook. This video, a compilation of two performances of Prisencolinensinainciusol, is from Adriano Celentano, who was a pop star in Italy through the 60’s and 70’s. The song is essentially a bunch of gibberish meant to sound like English, or it at least demonstrates what English sounded like to some Italians in the 70’s. It’s awesome, watch it for yourself!

That song, video and the dancing featured tap into something elemental that really gets me going. After watching the video several times and tracking down the mp3, my loins were sufficiently girded and I was ready to run like mad again. I put the song on my mp3 player and left it to repeat while running with abandon through my winter wonderland.

Week two: 31 miles, 4 hours & 54 minutes, 4,654 calories.