thwarted by ice

I had been hoping to head out for a longer than usual run yesterday or today, but Friday night we got a bunch of freezing rain that coated everything with ice. When Sarah and I were trying to leave the neighbor’s place Friday night after a birthday party we couldn’t even make it up their driveway at first. I headed up the middle of the driveway with the crock-pot in my arms and made it about 3 feet up the slope before I started to slip back. Sarah, carrying a dozen farm fresh eggs and her skating gear, didn’t have any more success. We both slid back to the flatter area and laughed hysterically for a few moments, because being unable to walk when dead sober is quite hilarious! We were able to inch our way up the edge of the driveway where some packed snow gave us enough traction and cautiously shuffle the rest of our way home.

Needless to say, with traction that poor running outside isn’t a wise option. If I can barely stay on my feet, then cars probably can’t keep on the road very well either. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take at this point in my still valued life. Mark it as the first time this winter that the weather has truly prevented me from going out for a run. Also, this is one of those times where it would be really nice to own a treadmill.