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out & back

What headwind hinders?
What sunlight, beaming so bright,
has seers squint and doubts hold tight?

     The same wind steadily propels.
     That very sun warms and alights.

Stopping at last and knowing—
direction and its consequence,
mind and misgivings,

and our immensity.

My Poems

remembering the ocean

Remember how it felt—
as a clumsy four-year old
taking those first few steps
into the ocean and quickly
being toppled by breaking waves?

That’s life sometimes.

Remember what it was like—
years later when swimming out,
bobbing atop the massive swell,
all at once enduring the current’s might
and yet that power did not oppose you,
because it was of you?

That’s life sometimes.

Remember both,
buoy up your spirits!

Intentions & Motivations My Poems Running

running & burning

When the conniving arms of a frazzled life reach this way—
grabbing with filthy fingers, tearing in all directions,
the urge to run wild and far flows with palpable fervor.
Wickedly poking and prodding a once-prized peace of mind,
legs twitch anticipating a sustained, rhythmic pounding,
chest heaves knowing the furnace of our running salvation
waits to be stoked and enkindled toward glowing horizons.
At last, with the doorjamb left behind, so goes all worries,
if just for one solitary moment as barriers
approached with steady gaze and determined stride diminish.
Passing straight through to reach a rarefied momentum,
all we are runs beside all we’ve been and strive to become,
once combusted, miles forging a clarified hereafter.