winter running

Today’s run was the first this season in temperatures below 20° Fahrenheit. It was 15 when I started at about 10:30 and just a few degrees warmer when I finished. I did my standard 5 3/4 mile loop that begins and ends in the trails plus a little extra so that I could total 6 miles. The whole way it was snowing softly and periodic rays of sunlight were bursting through the thin covering of clouds. On the trail the carpet of leaves was dusted with a light layer of snow— not enough to make traction a major problem, but enough for me to slow and think about my footing. The creek had a delicate layer of ice in calmer spots, with unrestrained water still gushing over rocks elsewhere. At the crossing of stepping stones, I noticed rabbit tracks on the thin ice. How wonderful to be a creature so fluffy and slight to not have to worry about crashing through early season ice! On the roads the shoulders were also covered with a dusting of fresh snow. Being able to run through the calm of a late wintry morning was a major part of today’s joy.

Today has been a good day. I’m grateful to be able to say that.